Student's Code of Conduct

 Rustomites' Code of Conduct

  • Via Gmail, Sites, Facebook, Calendar
  • All faculty notes, lecture presentations will be uploaded on Rostrum - Rustomjee's Academic Platform
  • No phone calls or sms will be made to inform about the changed schedule

  • Students are required to attend all the lectures, as per the scheduled time
  • 75% attendance – Failing which student will not be permitted to write the exam for that subject 

Examination rule
  • Students are expected to take their examinations as per schedule.
  • If a student fails the examination or misses an examination for any reason, then he/she will have to pay a reexamination fee Rs.500 to reappear for the exams
  • If a student wishes to re-write a class-test to improve scores or if the student has missed the test for whatever reason, there will be re-test fee of Rs.100/-
  • In the event you are unable to attend an exam, you are expected to intimate in writing by emailing the concerned subject faculty member before the start of the exam.
  • Fees for revaluation of paper: Rs. 500
Mark-sheet & Attested copies
  • Additional copies of mark-sheet will be provided at a charge Rs.100/- per copy of mark-sheet
  • Transcripts for further studies will be attested at a charge of Rs.500/- per copy for further studies. Please provide for one month processing time, and all applications need to be made via email to 
Dress Code
  • All students are expected to come to school dressed smartly, appropriately, and modestly
  • For daily wear – blue jeans, formal shirts, and sports shoes are acceptable
  • For all formal occasions, the students are expected to wear a smart black-suit, white or blue shirt, a smart tie, black socks, black shoes, and white handkerchief. Women may choose to wear a skirt-suit or a trouser suit
  • Whenever the dress code announced is smart casuals, students are expected to be in formal trousers and shirt, and formal shoes

  • Smoking and use of alcohol are strictly prohibited in/around/on campus, tours, field visits.
  • All students are advised to maintain the environment clean and not to litter the campus
  • Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned
  • Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned
  • Students must not idle away their time in the verandas or staircase of any of the college buildings under the pretext of group study or general discussion.
  • Use of mobile phones in the class are to be strictly avoided