Joining L&T Infotech

posted Sep 27, 2013, 3:51 AM by Hanif Kanjer   [ updated Sep 27, 2013, 3:51 AM ]

Dear Sir,


I am pleased to inform you that I received my appointment letter from L & T Infotech this morning. You have been a great support Sir and you have always given all your students the best ,at all times. Thank you for your continued guidance,  support and good wishes. I am proud to be a Rustomite and I strongly believe that Rustomjee Business School is the Best Business School for its competitive, practical and high level learning with constant industry interaction. I can proudly say that now I have been successfully placed through college in my dream organization. Sir, you make dreams come true at Rustomjee.  

Sir, I will be coming to college tomorrow along with my parents to meet you .

Thanks and Regards, 
Sneha Subramanian
MMS 13- HR

Dear Sneha,

Congratulations.  Your commitment and diligence will get your far.  You are a bright kid, and we are very proud of you. Keep the Rustomjee flag flying high.  All the best.  Dr. Hanif Kanjer, Dean.