Consulting Services

We assist organisations and business managers with a portfolio of management consulting services, which provides organisation access to latest thinking in management, and address business problems by looking at situations with an outsiders' perspective
Services we offer include:
  1. Industrial research
  2. Market and financial feasibility studies
  3. Consumer surveys
  4. Quantiative and Qualititative studies
  5. Focus groups
  6. Profitability improvement studies
  7. Business Process improvement
  8. Strategy consulting
  9. Portfolio Advisory Services
Some of our recent assignments include:
  • Market feasibility study for an Orthodontics Practioner based in Boston (USA), who expressed an interest in establishing a chain of Orthodontics clinics in India. Based on the research and findings conducted by Rustomjee Business School, the first clinic was established in 2011 in Mumbai.
  • A Mystery Retail Audit for a leading market research firm to study competitor brands in the snack food category
  • A study on Adoption of Internet Banking among young urban consumers in Mumbai
  • Advertisement effectiveness survey to assess the unaided recall value of prime-time TV advertising across various channels
  • A comparative study of shopping behaviour of consumers across 3 leading Malls in Mumbai to understand success parameters for a mall
For most of the assignments, our management graduate students undertake the field work, and are guided by senior faculty members on these assignments.

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