Smarter can any time defeat scholar

posted Aug 29, 2011, 10:16 PM by Yogesh Kamath   [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 4:40 AM by Hanif Kanjer ]

Would you like your child to be smarter or scholar???  A question for every parent and student. I think there will be different views and perception on this issue, but again if your child is only scholar with bookish knowledge, and is clueless on whats going around or has no problem solving attitude, will create a problem. So I believe here is where smartness takes birth, smartness is all about using 100% of your mind. 

When I think of the word smartness only one thing comes to my mind that is ‘Rustomjee business school’ (RBS). Here, they make students smart not scholars, the main concept on which RBS is based is - understanding the abstraction of business skills and not learning it, to make you a best competitor in an antagonist world, use of technology in a correct way and to teach ethics in different aspects of life. Everyone knows about Einstein, he was both smart and studious.  Imagine Einstein teaching Richard Branson, Ratan Tata or Ambani, this will be a completely different learning experience. Same way the faculty members of RBS can be compared to some extent with Einstein and students as entrepreneurs. Teaching here at RBS is so innovative and different compared to other B-schools. The faculty members here always come up with different activities in class for making us understand a concept, they also  try to remove the hitch of verbal communications by generating debates on various topics, the news paper reading session is a very profound concept which helps us to be updated in this world full of gimmicks. In short RBS is somewhere producing "dedication" for students for their Passion. I think "Dedication is more important than knowledge” because if you are dedicated for something you will automatically gain knowledge.

Rustomjee Business School not only has academic subjects, but many other non-credit courses, like flute playing,kick-boxing,boot camp and many other activities. Even these activities make your child Smart.

Rustomjee Business School has a dynamic team of experienced guest faculties too which come with their box of knowledge and real examples. This will help your child to face problems coming in their way in early stages of their carrier. Smartness also needs development, so for developing smartness you should be always develop your reading skills, as dean of RBS Dr. Hanif Kanjer always mentions - read more than speaking. He also provides books to read and asks us to present about these books in the class which helps students to improve their verbal ability and enhance their reading skills.

With all the things mentioned above and much more RBS stands true to its motto of ‘Empowering Leadership’. Day's are not far when Rustomjee Business School will provide best business personalities or best C.E.O’s. Hence, I think when your child is smart he need not to be scholar.

Contributed by - Nikunj Goradia (batch - PG12)