RBS a pool of opportunities

posted Sep 11, 2011, 9:20 AM by Yogesh Kamath   [ updated Sep 11, 2011, 9:23 AM by Hanif Kanjer ]

Opportunity knocks everyone’s door, but very few sense this and grab it. And today I can say studying in R.B.S. is a right decision.

R.B.S. is full of opportunities and everyone gets equal chance in each area. All students are grouped in different groups so they can understand each group member and share ideas and views to develop individual and group skills. This can be seen in all presentations, whether it is on Maruti, New product development or making our own companies. Yes we do make a lot of mistakes but we are supported by Faculty member and they make sure that we don’t repeat mistakes.

As human beings we are structured in particular way and we behave accordingly in any given situation and our response to situations is restricted by boundaries. But in R.B.S. we are not only get opportunity to think out of box but also do it on the grounds and present it in front of the class so that we share out learning.

 Each student of PG 12 is unique and they are excellent in their areas, each one of us is unique. Further we are divided in groups but our unity is unmatched and this can be seen at birthday celebrations, helping each other, having lunch together and during our outbound training trips.

Each faculty member is cooperative and they explain concept with real life example so each one of us understand the subjects at both levels theory and practical. As far as non credit course is concerned it takes R.B.S. much ahead of other B-Schools, especially News paper reading sessions with our Dean Hanif Sir. Sir makes sure that from his busy schedule he devotes some time for us and whenever he enters the class he gives us something new to learn. I have seen in many organizations that people on top don’t move out from their chair and other find it very difficult to adjust with this kind of environment, but in R.B.S. I have never found Hanif Sir in his cabin he is always busy either with faculty members or with students or their parents. From this I have learned the right way to divide your work time and how to behave when you are holding a responsible position.

With this experience I can say that “R.B.S. is sea of knowledge and it is up to us how much we want to take from it.”

Contributed by - Tarun Rawat (batch - PG12)