ParleG the world's largest selling biscuit, and How!

posted Aug 6, 2011, 4:13 AM by Yogesh Kamath   [ updated Jan 18, 2012, 12:37 AM by Hanif Kanjer ]

After an exciting and tiring nature trail at the National Park, Rustomjee Business School’s PG 12 students were on their march to PARLE-G’s manufacturing unit. PARLE - G has proved themselves as they are one of the largest sellers of biscuit in the world for decades now. ParleG has a system in place to accommodate visitors who are informed about the history of the company along with the live demonstration of manufacturing. Many schools before have brought their students to visit the plant, to let the children know how their favorite biscuits are manufactured. For the school students it’s just like a picnic where they are amused by witnessing such large scale production and at the end they get to eat the freshly baked biscuits. But taking management students to the production plant is a different is different ball game as we analysed the production method and saw concepts like economies of scale, operations management etc that we learnt in the classrooms at RBS get implemented in the production plant.  It was astonishing to know that PARLE G manufactures 12000 biscuits in one minute. A unique thing about PARLE G is that the consumers’ hands are the first to touch the biscuit after travelling from various departments from manufacturing, packaging, distributors, retailers, etc. PARLE G   has its own electricity plants, packaging plants etc. They also provided us with some hot biscuits to taste, which were manufactured few minutes before. At that moment I realized whenever we think of biscuits, PARLE G is the first brand that comes to our mind.

The delight of experiencing biscuit production first hand was unmatched and I would like to thank to Rustomjee business school for giving us a great opportunity of visiting PARLE G and ensuring that we learn the practical way of management along with insightful classroom sessions. I am sure all this will go a long way in our future professional life.  I always remember one proverb Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald, thanks to Rustomjee business school for helping us with this practical experience before we step into the practical world.

Contributed by - Nikunj Goradia (batch - PG12)