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RBS Sports Meet December 2011

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Boot Camp - September 2011

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RBS PG students crack the NCFM-NSE exams again!

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NSE-NCFM currency distinctions achieved by P'12 students

99% Girish Jaiswal

96% Akshata Prabhudesai

95% Khusbu Shah

93% Shirish Kejriwal

93% Kaushik Chopda

92% Ekta Patel

92% Suchi Varma

89% Niraj Champawat

86% Ankit Shah

86% Rinkle Raval

84% Sneha Bhasme

83% Rupak Singh

82% Tanvi Amin

80% Nikunj Goradia

75% Faryaal Shaikh

Congratulations P'12. Keep it up.

I am lucky I meet a star everyday

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When I began your class I think I knew
The kind of challenges you'd make me face.
You gave me motivation to pursue
The best, and to reject the commonplace.

Rarely does someone
get to influence a person's life
in a positive way for a lifetime,

Your thinking really opened up my mind.
With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see,
That what I'd choose to seek, I'd surely find.

I'm happy that you're my teacher;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.
As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;
I'm thankful for all that you've done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you're number one!

I'll remember you always.
Thank you Hanif Sir

-by Faryaal Shaikh, PG 12

Shirin Juwaley

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Shirin Juwaley, an acid attack survivor, talks to management students at Rustomjee Business School.

15 September 2011

Rustomjee Business School welcomed Shirin Juwaley, an acid attack survivor, for a talk on normative beauty.  Shirin has founded the Palash Foundation, and she is currently researching on normative ideas of beauty and how they can socially exclude people who are visually different (people affected with burns, skin diseases, physical impairment, a birth deformity).

Shirin says, “Social exclusion is more painful than the physical pain inflicted on an acid attack victim or a burn victim.  It is important for society to not paint them as evil reincarnate.”  She spoke of how we are conditioned subconsciously into believing that ugly is evil; right from the stories we tell our children, “Cinderella’s step-sisters were wicked and ugly”, or “the ugly duckling who has no friends until it turns into a beautiful swan”, to Bollywood stereotype of the villain always portrayed as ugly looking.  We need to challenge notions of beauty and someone who is visually different needn’t be feared.

Hanif Kanjer, dean of Rustomjee Business School says, “It is important for students to learn about inclusive growth, and shatter subconscious biases.  There is a lot of scope for organizations to undertake such initiatives as a part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.  In fact, subsequent to this talk, the students are working on a project to identify which organizations/products/brands should be taking up this cause.”

Nikunj Goradia, PG12 student, who was instrumental in inviting Shirn Juwaley to campus talks about his friend’s brother who was ostracized by society when he suffered burn injuries whilst saving some of the members of his society from a fire in the building. He says, “This is not how a hero needs to be treated. My friend has marks over his body saving a few people, and now the same people shun him because he looks visually different because of his burns.”

Shirin is an inspiring speaker, with no bitterness towards the man who threw acid on her. Her talk at Rustomjee Business School was indeed inspiring, and the whole student community stands in support of her cause.  We encourage more schools and colleges to invite Shirin to spread the awareness.


RBS a pool of opportunities

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Opportunity knocks everyone’s door, but very few sense this and grab it. And today I can say studying in R.B.S. is a right decision.

R.B.S. is full of opportunities and everyone gets equal chance in each area. All students are grouped in different groups so they can understand each group member and share ideas and views to develop individual and group skills. This can be seen in all presentations, whether it is on Maruti, New product development or making our own companies. Yes we do make a lot of mistakes but we are supported by Faculty member and they make sure that we don’t repeat mistakes.

As human beings we are structured in particular way and we behave accordingly in any given situation and our response to situations is restricted by boundaries. But in R.B.S. we are not only get opportunity to think out of box but also do it on the grounds and present it in front of the class so that we share out learning.

 Each student of PG 12 is unique and they are excellent in their areas, each one of us is unique. Further we are divided in groups but our unity is unmatched and this can be seen at birthday celebrations, helping each other, having lunch together and during our outbound training trips.

Each faculty member is cooperative and they explain concept with real life example so each one of us understand the subjects at both levels theory and practical. As far as non credit course is concerned it takes R.B.S. much ahead of other B-Schools, especially News paper reading sessions with our Dean Hanif Sir. Sir makes sure that from his busy schedule he devotes some time for us and whenever he enters the class he gives us something new to learn. I have seen in many organizations that people on top don’t move out from their chair and other find it very difficult to adjust with this kind of environment, but in R.B.S. I have never found Hanif Sir in his cabin he is always busy either with faculty members or with students or their parents. From this I have learned the right way to divide your work time and how to behave when you are holding a responsible position.

With this experience I can say that “R.B.S. is sea of knowledge and it is up to us how much we want to take from it.”

Contributed by - Tarun Rawat (batch - PG12)  

PG12 Book Review Presentations

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Good job PG12, with the book review presentations. 

4 books, 4 groups - Tough Choices, Direct from Dell, The Google story and What they don't teach you at Harvard Business School.

Best presenter: Nilesh Singh

Excellent efforts put in by all. Keep it up.          

Smarter can any time defeat scholar

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Would you like your child to be smarter or scholar???  A question for every parent and student. I think there will be different views and perception on this issue, but again if your child is only scholar with bookish knowledge, and is clueless on whats going around or has no problem solving attitude, will create a problem. So I believe here is where smartness takes birth, smartness is all about using 100% of your mind. 

When I think of the word smartness only one thing comes to my mind that is ‘Rustomjee business school’ (RBS). Here, they make students smart not scholars, the main concept on which RBS is based is - understanding the abstraction of business skills and not learning it, to make you a best competitor in an antagonist world, use of technology in a correct way and to teach ethics in different aspects of life. Everyone knows about Einstein, he was both smart and studious.  Imagine Einstein teaching Richard Branson, Ratan Tata or Ambani, this will be a completely different learning experience. Same way the faculty members of RBS can be compared to some extent with Einstein and students as entrepreneurs. Teaching here at RBS is so innovative and different compared to other B-schools. The faculty members here always come up with different activities in class for making us understand a concept, they also  try to remove the hitch of verbal communications by generating debates on various topics, the news paper reading session is a very profound concept which helps us to be updated in this world full of gimmicks. In short RBS is somewhere producing "dedication" for students for their Passion. I think "Dedication is more important than knowledge” because if you are dedicated for something you will automatically gain knowledge.

Rustomjee Business School not only has academic subjects, but many other non-credit courses, like flute playing,kick-boxing,boot camp and many other activities. Even these activities make your child Smart.

Rustomjee Business School has a dynamic team of experienced guest faculties too which come with their box of knowledge and real examples. This will help your child to face problems coming in their way in early stages of their carrier. Smartness also needs development, so for developing smartness you should be always develop your reading skills, as dean of RBS Dr. Hanif Kanjer always mentions - read more than speaking. He also provides books to read and asks us to present about these books in the class which helps students to improve their verbal ability and enhance their reading skills.

With all the things mentioned above and much more RBS stands true to its motto of ‘Empowering Leadership’. Day's are not far when Rustomjee Business School will provide best business personalities or best C.E.O’s. Hence, I think when your child is smart he need not to be scholar.

Contributed by - Nikunj Goradia (batch - PG12)

PG12 - New Product Development Presentations

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New Product Development presentations by PG12 recommending new products for Gillette, PepsiCo, Google, Standard Chartered, Haldirams, Nirma and Apple 

Best Project: Pepscio (Faryaal, Suchi, Ankit, Niraj)
Best Presenter: Faryaal
2nd Position: Gillette (Pratik Vinay Shirish Nikunj)
3rd: Haldiram (Tarun Akshata Nilesh)

Students actually made prototypes of their suggestions, reiterating the point that we at RBS ‘Practise what we preach’. Kudos PG12 for such out of the box thinking.

First steps - Orientation Day MMS13

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MMS 13 Orientation Day

24th August 2011 Rustomjee Business School welcomed its foundation batch of the MMS (Masters in Management Studies) Programme. The orientation day was an invaluable lesson in communication, group dynamics, knowing people, networking and much more.  After a brief welcome and faculty introduction session, Dean Dr Hanif Kanjer conducted an exciting ice breaking game called ‘Who am ?’ the game stood true to its name as the batch came know each other in a much better way. The effect was visible with a brief before-after comparison – when the batch entered, hesitant Individuals found their comforting corners and earlier acquaintances made clusters of their own but as the session got over the positive effect was evident as the students got out of their comfort zones and made new friends, as was the intention.

The institute has firm belief in ‘Doing’ thing along with learning and so the next sessions was dedicated to briefing the students about the various outbound training programmes the institute undertakes throughout the year. The students were tuned to RBS’ technology culture right from day one as the session that followed next was training on Google Docs, Groups, Calendars and Sites.

With the anxiety levels going down and the confidence levels upwards the First batch of MMS @ RBS  is all set to take on the next two years of learning, implementing and having fun as the orientation day lay the first foundations of the institutes motto of empowering leadership. 

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